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Chinese, Mexican presidents meet on bilateral ties


08:09, June 18, 2012

Chinese President Hu Jintao meets with his Mexican counterpart Felipe Calderon in Los Cabos on June 17, 2012. [Photo/Xinhua]

LOS CABOS, Mexico - Chinese President Hu Jintao exchanged views with his Mexican counterpart Felipe Calderon in Los Cabos Sunday on bilateral relations, a day before the G20 summit to be held at the Mexican resort.

Noting that it was the third time he visited Mexico, Hu thanked Calderon and the Mexican government for their careful preparations and considerate arrangements for the G20 summit and expressed the readiness to work with the Mexican side to push for positive results of the summit.

Hu said the world economy maintains a general trend of recovery but still with uncertainty and instability. China hopes the G20 members continue to uphold the spirit of cooperation and "in the same boat" to work for growth, stability and employment.

He also called on the G20 members to jointly inject impetus to recovery and growth of the world economy.

For his part, Calderon said Mexico attaches importance to China's propositions and role in the G20. He wished to cooperate with China to ensure that the G20 summit will make progress on promoting strong, sustainable and balanced economic growth and advancing reform of the international financial system.

Calderon also expressed his readiness to work with China to safeguard the interests of developing countries and emerging economies.

Hu said since Calderon became president, he has led the Mexican government and people to actively address challenges posed by globalization and the international financial crisis.

He expressed his gladness and appreciation of the remarkable achievements made by Mexico in social and economic development over the years.

Calderon said the Chinese president's attendance at the G20 summit is very significant because China has an increasingly important status on the global stage.

Hu's visit will contribute greatly to boosting and deepening the Mexico-China relations, he added.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Mexico. Hu said links between the two countries have entered a new stage of mature, steady and extensive growth.

The two countries established a strategic partnership in 2003. During Calderon's visit to China in 2008, the two countries reached a series of consensus and decided to set up a strategic dialogue mechanism, Hu said.

The mechanism of permanent binational commission has become more mature and complete over the years, and played an important role in guiding the friendly cooperation in various areas between the two sides, he said.

The two countries have already developed two joint action plans through the mechanism, Hu said, adding that the fifth meeting of the cooperation commission held in China this year had achieved major results.

Hu said China has already become the second largest trade partner of Mexico, while Mexico is the second largest trade partner of China in Latin America and also has the most frequent cultural exchanges with China.

The two sides have maintained sound communication and cooperation on major regional and international issues, Hu said.

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