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President Hu makes historic trip to Denmark (2)

By Wu Jiao in Copenhagen (China Daily)

13:50, June 16, 2012

President Hu Jintao and his wife Liu Yongqing are welcomed by the Danish Queen Margrethe II at the Royal Castle Amalienborg in Copenhagen, Denmark, on Friday. (China Daily/Agencies)

According to an energy plan adopted by Denmark this year, wind power is expected to account for half of the country's electricity demand by 2020, with renewable energy accounting for about 35 percent of total energy demand. The Danish Foreign Ministry said China plans to invest $423 billion in sustainable energy by 2020, with half of the money going toward wind power developments.

"China is expected to be the world's biggest market in 2014 for sustainable energy and already today is the biggest for wind power," the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Green development should be a win-win cooperation field for China and Denmark, with Denmark finding a market for its firms and China promoting green energy to ease pressure due to rapid urbanization and industrialization, analysts said.

China expects more than 300 million people to move to cities in the next 20 years.

Hu is also expected to hold talks with the Danish prime minister on Saturday, and the two countries are expected to see intergovernmental and commercial agreements inked during Hu's visit.

Trade volume between Denmark and China has risen from $44 million in 1978, when China started opening up to the outside world, to $9.26 billion in 2011, a 210-fold growth in 33 years, according to figures from Chinese customs.

China is now the largest Asian trading partner of Denmark, whose economy is dependent on exports.

Fifty-four percent of its gross domestic product comes from exports.

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