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FM: China supports Myanmar's efforts to safeguard domestic stability

(People's Daily Online)

16:45, June 14, 2012

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Liu Weimin held a regular press conference On June 12, 2012.(File photo/ Foreign Ministry of China)

Beijing, June 14 (People's Daily Online)--On June 12, 2012, foreign Ministry spokesperson Liu Weimin held a regular press conference.

Q: Riots broke out in the Rakhine State of Myanmar and a state of emergency has been declared. Has China expressed concern to Myanmar over that?

A: We have noted such reports. China supports Myanmar's efforts to safeguard domestic stability and ethnic harmony.

The Chinese Embassy in Myanmar has issued a consular alert, requesting Chinese citizens not to go to relevant areas temporarily and urging Chinese enterprises and citizens in those areas to step up safety precautions. Chinese diplomatic missions in Myanmar will actively provide necessary assistance to Chinese citizens there.

At last, Liu Weimin said that this week is the energy-conservation campaign week of the Foreign Ministry. The theme of this year's campaign is "cherish the source of life, and water-conservation for everyone". It is known to all that there is limited fresh water resources worldwide, and China's per capita fresh water resources only account for 28% of the world average. It is the due responsibility and obligation of the whole society to save water. We hope that all people will pay more attention to water-conservation, take concrete steps to save water in their daily life, in a bid to contribute to improving the environment and ensuring a sustainable development of China and the world as a whole.


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