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FM press conference on June 11 (Full Text)

(People's Daily Online)

16:18, June 13, 2012

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Liu Weimin held a regular press conference On June 11, 2012.(File photo/ Foreign Ministry of China)

Beijing, June 13 (People's Daily Online)--On June 11, 2012, foreign Ministry spokesperson Liu Weimin held a regular press conference.

Q: The euro-zone finance ministers decided at a meeting to provide as much as 100 billion euros in aid to Spain through the EFSF and the ESM. How does China comment? Do you believe that this will help boost market confidence?

A: Stabilizing banking sector is of critical importance for Spain to overcome debt crisis and achieve growth gradually. We welcome the steps taken by both Spain and the EU and believe this will help stabilize market confidence. China will continue to actively support and take part in European efforts to tide over the sovereign debt crisis.

Q: Does China think that the Spanish Government had waited too long before asking for help from the euro-zone?

A: This judgement should be made by Spain and the EU. Since the outbreak of the euro-zone debt crisis, the EU has taken a host of measures to strictly enforce fiscal discipline, boost economic growth and restore market confidence. These measures have paid off and won applause from various parties.

The euro-zone debt crisis bears on international economic and financial stability, and China will continue to back the EU in tackling this issue.

Q: It is reported that China's actual carbon emissions are much higher than its official statistics. How does China comment? Separately, Iran's nuclear negotiator wrote a letter to the EU side, saying that relevant countries failed to live up to previously-reached agreements. How do you comment?

A: On the first question, one country's emissions should be viewed in a holistic and comprehensive manner. One should look at not only the aggregate and present figures, but also per capita and historical ones. The climate change issue we are facing today is caused by the accumulative emissions of developed countries over a long time of their economic development. Developed countries' high carbon emissions are demonstrated by their aggregate emissions, per capita emissions, per capita historical accumulative emissions, and etc. At present, developing countries are in the process of industrialization with an arduous task of eliminating poverty and raising people's living standard. Their particular development phase determines that their emissions should have reasonable growth. In fact, developing countries including China have adopted lots of measures to combat climate change and have won wide recognition from the international community.

On the second question, China hopes that all parties involved in the Iranian nuclear issue will show further flexibility and pragmatism, bear in mind each other's concerns, and seek a proper resolution of the issue through dialogue. Having been committed to promoting peace talks, China will continue to make joint efforts with other parties to promote a proper resolution of the Iranian nuclear issue.

Q: Please brief us on the schedule of President Hu Jintao's visit to Denmark. Besides, will President Hu Jintao have bilateral meetings with leaders of other countries on the margins of the G20 Summit?

A: Vice Foreign Minister Cui Tiankai and Vice Foreign Minister Song Tao have made a detailed introduction of that at the press briefing this morning. President Hu Jintao's visit to Denmark is the first visit to Denmark by China's head of state since the establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries. During his stay in Denmark, President Hu will meet with his Danish counterpart as well as other leaders. The two sides will host bilateral trade and economic activities, sign inter-governmental cooperation documents and business agreements in the fields of two-way investment, avoidance of double taxation, energy conservation and environmental protection, renewable energy resources, agriculture, education, culture and etc. On the sidelines of the G20 Summit, President Hu Jintao will have meetings with other state leaders and relevant arrangements are underway.

Q: According to reports, dozens of Japanese from various circles including some lawmakers conducted activities in waters off the Diaoyu Island. How do you comment?

A: The Diaoyu Island and its affiliated islands have been China's inherent territory since ancient times, and China has indisputable sovereignty over them. Any unilateral move taken by Japan over the Diaoyu Island is illegal and invalid. China has lodged solemn representations with Japan, demanding Japan to stop creating new disturbances and safeguard the overall interest of China-Japan relations with concrete actions.


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