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Beijing Summit features five new aspects

(People's Daily Online)

08:17, June 12, 2012

At the news conference held on the afternoon of June 7, the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of China Cheng Guoping summed up achievements of the summit in five new aspects: the new altitude, new realm, new progress, new investment and new space.

First, political mutual trust of the organization has reached a new altitude. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization has made its first development strategy, which has a great significance for accelerating the organization's development, strengthening the regional cooperation and improving the member countries' joint capacity of dealing with new challenges and threats.

Second, the organization's security cooperation has expanded to new areas. The member countries have made the security cooperation program for next three years and confirmed their new work priorities, including the energy security, network security and cutting off penetrating channels of the “three forces.”

Third, economic and cultural cooperation of the organization has made new progresses. The member countries have agreed to continue promoting the trade and investment facilitation, continue strengthening their multilateral cooperation, especially in the four most important areas of the finance, energy, communication and agriculture, and continue their work of establishing the financing guarantee systems, including establishments of the special account and development bank of the organization.

Fourth, the organization's relations with the outside world have obtained new development space. The summit has agreed to accept Afghanistan as an observer and Turkey as a dialogue partner. In the next stage, it will absorb more powers to promote the regional development.

Fifth, China has put in new investment for promoting the development of the organization. During the summit, President Hu Jintao declared China's investment of 10 billion U.S. dollars and the new term of human resource training plan for the member countries. It reflects the sincerity of China and is aimed at promoting economic cooperation of the member countries, especially cooperation in important projects.

Regarding the question from the People's Daily that whether China and Russia have reached agreements on their economic cooperation, especially cooperation in the Far East, Cheng said that the political mutual trust between China and Russia is the priority and their practical cooperation projects will follow up.

Regarding each other as opportunities, China and Russia have made discussions on large and important natural gas, oil and nuclear energy projects, have confirmed their cooperative principles, and will strengthen the coordination between the government and enterprise for the their large and important cooperative projects.

Source: Jiefang Daily,author: Wang Shaoji


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