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China willing to enhance ties with Iran


08:11, June 08, 2012

BEIJING - China is willing to further enhance its relations with Iran, said top legislator Wu Bangguo Thursday when meeting with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Based on the principle of mutual respect and equal treatment, China would like to maintain friendly communications with Iran at all levels and explore new ways for deepening practical cooperation under the new circumstances, said Wu.

Adhering to peaceful development and independent foreign policy, China is dedicated to increasing friendly relations and reciprocal cooperation with all nations, said Wu.

Since forging bilateral ties, China and Iran have enjoyed good momentum in developing their relationship, despite disturbances from various external factors, said the chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC) of China.

Frequent contact between senior officials from both sides, increasing political mutual trust and smooth cooperation on the economy, energy, infrastructure construction as well as deepening cultural exchanges, have all benefited the two peoples, said Wu.

Wu also expressed willingness to expand cooperation and interaction with the newly-formed Iranian Majlis, or parliament.

Ahmadinejad said Iran cherishes its traditional friendship with China, admires the tremendous achievements that China has made in economic and social development, and is satisfied with the advancement of bilateral ties in recent years.

The Iranian side is willing to further strengthen and deepen cooperation with China, and supports more friendly exchanges between the two countries' legislative bodies, said the Iranian president.

Invited by Chinese President Hu Jintao, Ahmadinejad attended the 12th Meeting of the Council of Heads of Member States of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization which concluded Thursday in Beijing.


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