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Uzbekistan-China: Incentives for Partnership Expansion

(People's Daily Online)

09:40, June 06, 2012

The activities of Sino-Uzbek House of Commerce can be referred to as one of the plain manifestations of a rewarding bilateral cooperation between the business communities of Uzbekistan and China.

The House of Commerce has been functioning with support from General Representative Office of Uzbekistan’s Trade and Industry Chamber in the People’s Republic of China, as well as the Trade Chamber of Exporters and Importers of Guangzhou province. Right from the moment it was instituted in 2006, the House of Commerce earnestly joined in the efforts to expand trade and economic cooperation between our two countries. It provides information on technological equipment, specialized and construction machines, raw materials and those produced in the PRC, offers services for goods delivery, logistics, consulting, quality repairs and after-sales service.

No less significant has been the maintenance of business climate, establishment of new ties, arrangement of travel by Uzbek entrepreneurs to international expositions and trips to the premises of leading manufacturers in China. The setting up of a specialized leasing company to provide with Chinese specialized equipment on advantageous terms has constituted a remarkable benefit for many businesses.

According to representatives of the House of Commerce, Chinese technological machines and special construction equipment are particularly popular in Uzbekistan, while business communities acknowledge that the state-of-the-art production outfit facilitates qualitative work and production of goods encouraging more beneficial and competitive business.

Such success stories made possible with the helping hand of the Sino-Uzbek House of Commerce have been numerous. In particular, more than 1,100 customers were offered services last year. In excess of 70 technological lines, 150 units of construction equipment have been supplied to Uzbekistan, and 30 deals have been financially supported. In addition, assisted by the House of Commerce, some 600 business people from Uzbekistan have traveled to the PRC and other countries on business trip.

The cooperation bonds between Uzbek and Chinese companies will keep consolidating for sure. As officials at the House of Commerce stress, they are willing to cater to the mounting scales of bilateral interaction. They say new services for customers are to be introduced here, so is the improvement of agency network and expansion of business infrastructure. Notably, Technoplaza industrial and business center is due to open in Tashkent to facilitate access to information as much as to familiarize with samples of cutting-edge products from China and other nations. This is still one of a whole array of instances underscoring the mutually useful cooperation between Uzbek and Chinese business communities.


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