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Spillover effect of China's rise should be regarded rationally

(People's Daily Online)

09:10, June 05, 2012

Like the saying, “tall trees catch much wind,” Chinese elements are turning into key objects of reference and an important background for examining changes in international relations.

In some Western media's opinions, China is strengthening its economic ties with its surrounding countries because it wants to enlarge its sphere of influence, Japan is increasing its investment and support to Myanmar because it wants to make sure that Myanmar will not be pulled over to China's side, and Indian Prime Minister’s visit in Myanmar is aimed at “competing for international influence with China.”

Regarding the seemingly sharp and in-depth analyses by Western media, it is necessary for us to emphasize two points.

First, the so-called “sphere of influence” is an old phrase that does not fit the current times. China, which insists on a peaceful development road, has completely different diplomatic ideas from past hegemonies, and current small and medium countries also will not give their own destinies to the hands of big countries.

Second, there are indeed competitions among big countries, but as long as these competitions are based on internationally-accepted principles, these competitions are virtuous and will not lead to turbulences. On the contrary, they will promote the regional and even global economic development.

China's policy to bring harmony, security and prosperity to neighbors is an important part of China's diplomacy. This policy allows more countries to share the fruit of China’s development.

Many small and medium countries around China are in a rising stage and they expect expanding their cooperation with China very much. China is injecting energy into the regional economy and promoting other big countries to strengthen cooperation with small and medium countries in a more equal and practical way.

The spill-over effect of the rise of China is positive and worth expecting. China is integrating into the world in a more open attitude and will create conditions to help more countries integrate into the world too.

Read the Chinese version: 理性看待中国崛起外溢效应, source: People's Daily, author: Zhong Sheng


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