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China says U.S. directive on Confucius Institutes "may harm friendship"


08:04, May 25, 2012

BEIJING, May 24 (Xinhua) -- An official with the headquarters of China's Confucius Institute on Thursday said a U.S. government directive asking the institute's Chinese teachers on American campuses to leave may harm the Sino-U.S. friendship.

The official, who preferred to remain anonymous, said the headquarters regrets the U.S. directive, and all of its centers around the world, including those on American campuses, were voluntarily requested by foreign partners, approved by the headquarters and jointly operated with Chinese colleges.

The Chinese teachers dispatched by the headquarters to the institutes were carefully selected and trained by both sides in an effort to help American elementary and secondary school students learn Mandarin and understand Chinese culture, the official said.

The directive sent by the U.S. Department of State on May 17 to universities which sponsor Confucius Institutes states that any academics at university-based institutes who are teaching at the elementary- and secondary-school levels are violating the terms of their visas and must leave at the end of the current school term in June.

It said that after a preliminary review, the State Department has determined that the institutes must obtain American accreditation in order to continue to accept foreign scholars and professors as teachers.

A report by the U.S. Chronicle of Higher Education said it is unclear what prompted the State Department to issue such a policy statement, as Confucius Institutes have been on American campuses for nearly a decade.

"If the teaching activities of the university-based Confucius Institutes were to be curtailed, that could have implications for U.S.-China relations," the report said.

Confucius Institutes around the world are non-profit public institutions jointly established by the Confucius Institute Headquarters, or Hanban, and Chinese colleges and high schools with foreign educational institutions. The institution aims to teach the Chinese language and promote cultural exchanges overseas.

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Ben at 2012-05-2568.191.181.*
The US has been too kind to the Confucius Institutes, which are nothing more than overseas branches of the CCP Propaganda Department. When they stop interfering with US academic freedom and stifling academic criticism of China among both US faculty and overseas students, then they will really be able to foster "friendship."
helen at 2012-05-25203.82.92.*
Not satisfied for causing thousands of deaths in the Middle east and elsewhere, and intensifying her anti-China and anti-Chinese agenda - that of expanding the containment, encirclement and rallying americophile Asian nations against China, that Washington Witch at the US State Dept. now goes after Confucius Institutes (which promote the Chinese language and culture) in her ongoing China/Chinese bashing vile schemes!The Chinese Exclusion Act in the United States might have been repudiated but US leaders and US media are, if anything, pursuing an even harder line against China and the Chinese people.No wonder the Native Americans (the Red Indians) labelled them as creatures who spoke with forked tongues. Only the stupid, gullible and those compromised by the US are taken in by US disinformation exercises.Alas there are many around including leaders and staff in the media who crave for approvals and beg for attention.Only the PLA can save New China now ....
cngizmo at 2012-05-25113.210.253.*
Backlash from the Christian group

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