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China strengthens control of Huangyan Island


08:21, May 24, 2012

BEIJING - China has strengthened controls in the Huangyan Island waters in response to the provocative actions of the Philippines, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said on Wednesday.

Hong said that there are about 20 Chinese fishing boats operating in the Huangyan Island waters, roughly the same number as in previous years.

"The operating manners of the fishing boats is consistent with China's relevant laws as well as China's fishing moratorium orders," he said, rejecting some Philippine media reports which said China had sent nearly 100 vessels to the waters.

China has been implementing a summer fishing moratorium, lasting from May 16 to August 1, in some parts of the South China Sea, as a routine annual measure to rehabilitate marine resources.


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wende at 2012-05-2571.251.44.*
I hope China has not taken out its eyeballs on the islands of Nansha by paying too much attention on Huangyan island.
green hulk at 2012-05-24117.242.144.*
i am alone where is your spineless army.
green hulk at 2012-05-24117.242.144.*
or kidnap me and take me to bejing.
green hulk at 2012-05-24117.242.144.*
let me also see who takes hunyan islands except fillipines dragon utners do not allow prc to take them and dragon if you kill me next 10000 years you will rule the world remember religion spread sciences and now i am out to kill you son of swine.
nikolyevich at 2012-05-24203.99.213.*
..........Shoal belongs to Phillippinse

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