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China, Philippines seek dispute resolution


10:51, May 22, 2012

BEIJING, May 22 (Xinhuanet) -- The Philippine consul general in Hong Kong has expressed optimism that war would not break out in the South China Sea. He says that Beijing and Manila can settle the dispute in an amicable way.

But The Philippine Defense Secretary revealed on Friday that Manila would obtain 10 new patrol ships from Japan. China continues to call for clear and consistent diplomatic solutions from the Philippines on the current situation.

Meanwhile, Russia's ambassador to the Philippines Nikolay Kudashev said over the weekend that the country is against third party involvement in the dispute. This is the first time that a Russian government official has spoken directly about the ongoing standoff over Huangyan Island.

Nikolay Kudashev said, "The Russian Federation declares that it is against any meddling by nations other than the claimant countries in the South China Sea dispute." "Russia is mindful of the fact that, like the United States, it is not a party to the dispute between China and the Philippines."


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vendetta at 2012-05-2576.88.111.*
russia also said they should settle it based on UNCLOS.
wende at 2012-05-2371.255.87.*
The resolution should not be limited to Huangyan only but should cover the area of Spratley that Philippines lays a claim on. China should not just solve Huangyan only as nobody wants this type of incident to be replayed in the future.

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