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China says Baghdad talks can help resolve nuke dispute


13:27, May 21, 2012

BEIJING, May 21 (Xinhua) -- China said Monday that talks scheduled for later this week in Baghdad can help resolve the Iranian nuclear dispute as well as promote peace and stability in the region.

Representatives from Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany (P5+1) and the European Union will hold talks on Iran's nuclear program in the Iraqi capital on Wednesday after the dialogue on the issue was resumed last month in Istanbul.

The Baghdad gathering between representatives from Iran and the six countries plus the EU shows the willingness of all parties concerned to resolve the issue through dialogue and negotiations, said China's Assistant Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu during an interview with a group of Chinese reporters.

"The Baghdad dialogue, if it goes well, will be of significance to consolidating the positive momentum of dialogue and cooperation, further stabilize the situation of Iran's nuclear issue as well as promote peace and stability of the region," said the Chinese representative to the talks on Iran's disputed nuclear program.

Ma said China looks forward to the start of a "substantial process of negotiations" at the Baghdad dialogue following the Istanbul talks.

"All the parties concerned should make efforts to seek and expand consensus and appropriately address the disputes to build up mutual trust among the parties step by step," said the Chinese representative.

Ma also urged all the sides to respect one another and tolerate the other sides' concerns and make efforts to create a conducive environment for the talks.

During the interview, Ma reiterated China's fair stance on Iran's nuclear issue and continuous commitment to the dialogue.

"We will continue to keep in close communication with all the other sides to play a positive and constructive role in pursuit of progress through the Baghdad dialogue," he added.


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