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Chinese vice premier meets Japan Business Federation delegation


08:11, May 15, 2012

BEIJING, May 14 (Xinhua) -- Vice Premier Wang Qishan on Monday met with a delegation from the Japan Business Federation led by chairman Hiromasa Yonekura and honorable chairman Fujio Mitarai.

Wang spoke positively of Sunday's meeting of Chinese, Japanese and Republic of Korea (ROK) leaders in Beijing, adding that achievements made during the meeting will provide new opportunities for Chinese and Japanese enterprises.

Sino-Japanese economic cooperation serves as a "ballast" for bilateral ties and has brought tangible benefits to both countries, Wang said.

China is ready to work with Japan to facilitate bilateral high-level economic dialogues and deepen cooperation in trade, investment, finance, high-end manufacturing, new energy and environmental protection, Wang said.

The visiting delegation expressed a willingness to expand cooperation with China and make efforts to boost friendship between both countries.

The Japanese Business Federation is made up of representatives from many of Japan's leading companies, industrial associations and regional economic organizations.


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