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Latvia is China's good friend and partner: Chinese DM

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15:42, May 14, 2012

Latvia's Parliament Speaker Solvita Aboltina (1st R) meets with Chinese Defense Minister Liang Guanglie in Liga, Latvia, May 13, 2012. (Xinhua/Guo Qun)

RIGA, May 13 (Xinhua) -- Visiting Chinese Defense Minister Liang Guanglie said here Sunday that Latvia is a good friend and partner of China in the European Union (EU) and in the Baltic area.

Liang, also a state counselor, made the remarks while meeting with Latvia's Parliament Speaker Solvita Aboltina on Sunday afternoon.

He said China-Latvia relations have maintained a good development trend over the past few years and fruitful results have been scored in cooperation in politics, economy, trade, culture, education, transportation and other fields.

He said China appreciates Latvia's adherence to the one-China policy and attaches importance to developing military ties with Latvia.

Echoing Liang, Aboltina said Latvia-China ties have been advancing steadily over the past years and new progress has been achieved in exchanges and cooperation in politics, economy, trade, culture and education.

She said Latvia and China have also maintained good cooperation with regard to the EU.

She believed that the visit by Liang, the first by a Chinese defense minister since the two countries established diplomatic ties 21 years ago, will help enhance mutual understanding and further uplift the bilateral ties.

Liang is currently on a three-nation tour, which has taken him to the United States. He will also visit Poland.


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