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China-US ties crucial to peace in Asia-Pacific region

By Wang Xinjun (People's Daily Overseas Edition)

10:50, May 12, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

The Asia-Pacific region has recently become the focus of the world. The DPRK launched a satellite, the United States and the Philippines jointly conducted military drill, later China and Russia also made military exercises. And the Huangyan Island has further intensified the increasingly tense situation. During the special period, Liang Guanglie, the Chinese Defense Minister, began the first visit to the United States in nine years, which attracted worldwide attention.

With joint efforts, China-U.S. defense ministers reached four consensuses on the future military mutual trust and cooperative relations on May 7. The four consensuses will build a framework for a new type of China-U.S. military relations in the future. They are also the latest consensuses of the leaders of the two armies on the world's security situation and the China-U.S. military powers.

Particularly, the two sides agreed that they will hold joint anti-piracy exercises in the Gulf of Aden in the second half of 2012. The dialogue, consensuses and cooperation have made China-U.S. relations take a right step. It is also an important step on the road of building a new type of China-U.S. military relations. Through the joint military exercises, China hopes that the two sides can further join hands to safeguard world peace and prosperity.

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