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New leaders, common aim

(China Daily)

13:41, May 09, 2012

Beijing is looking forward to working with the new leaders of Russia and France to further advance its relations with the two countries.

President Hu Jintao sent congratulations to Vladimir Putin, who was sworn in as Russian president on Monday. On the same day, French president-elect Francois Hollande received a congratulatory message from Hu during his meeting with Chinese Ambassador to France Kong Quan.

Thanks to their common efforts, China and Russia have established a solid, in-depth and sustained relationship on the basis of mutual trust. The two countries have maintained frequent high-level visits and exchanges and Putin has met Hu and other Chinese leaders many times. He met with Vice-Premier Li Keqiang in Moscow last month.

As a neighbor and comprehensive strategic partner, China has an interest in a stable, strong and prosperous Russia. As emerging economies, China and Russia have contributed to regional and world peace and development together.

Beijing and Moscow have maintained effective coordination on international issues, ranging from efforts to end the Syrian crisis to negotiations aimed at breaking the Iranian nuclear impasse. The two share the common goal of a multipolar world and have jointly pushed for sensible global economic governance.

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