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Chinese medical team renews free eye surgery in Myanmar


16:05, May 08, 2012

YANGON, May 8 (Xinhua) -- A Chinese medical team launched a free eye surgical treatment campaign in Yangon Tuesday as part of the first China-Myanmar "Paukphaw Deep Friendship" activities.

Organized by the China Foundation for Peace and Development ( CFPD) and Myanmar Alinyaung (Brightness) Foundation (MAF), the 12- member Chinese medical team will conduct a week-long surgical treatment campaign on 260-300 cataract eye patients as follow-up activities based on that of last year's "Tour of Sight" .

The free eye surgical treatment campaign was inaugurated by Vice Secretary-General of the CFPD Bai Wei, Chairman of the MAF U Aung Than Win and senior leader of the ruling Union Solidarity and Development Party U Aung Thein Lin at Myodaw Medical Center here.

MAF Chairman U Aung Than Win disclosed that the institution will carry out long-term cooperation with the Chinese side to promote exchange in eye treatment expertise and experience.

The first China-Myanmar "Paukphaw Deep Friendship" activities also cover establishment of a "China-Myanmar Eye Treatment Center", donation of 100 sets of laptop computers to 10 primary schools and staging cultural performance featuring the two countries' link by rivers and mountains.

The eye treatment center will train up Myanmar medical staff and become a medical care center of relatively high level which could provide free treatment to over 1,000 cataract eye patients annually.

In the last trip of the Chinese medical team in May 2011, a total of 248 Myanmar cataract eye patients benefited from the free medical service.


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