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A stable, prosperous Russia under Putin is good for China

By Lu Yu (Xinhua)

16:02, May 07, 2012

BEIJING, May 7 (Xinhua) -- Russian President-elect Vladimir Putin on Monday returns to the Kremlin, starting his third term as the country's top leader.

Although some in the West may try to belittle Putin's success in the March presidential election, the Russian leader's victory largely reflects the will of a majority of the Russian people.

Riding a wave of popularity for his no-nonsense incorruptible image, Putin took over the presidency in 2000 when the country was still in a critical transitional period.

He was re-elected four years later thanks to a steady economic growth and the improvement of Russian's living standards that he had achieved during his first term.

Despite protests at the 2012 presidential election, most of the Russians have reached the consensus that "the country needs Putin."

China, as a neighbor and comprehensive strategic partner of Russia, has enormous interest in seeing a stable, strong and prosperous Russia emerging under the fresh presidency of Putin.

From a regional perspective, the two countries, both as members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, have joined hands in promoting regional stability and integration.

On the world stage, China and Russia have maintained effective coordination on international issues, ranging from efforts to end the Syrian crisis to negotiations to break the Iranian nuclear impasse.

More importantly, China and Russia share the common goal of a multi-polar world where no single hegemony can dictate the whole international community.

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