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Unified standards must be applied to counter-terrorism


16:14, May 05, 2012

UNITED NATIONS, May 4 (Xinhua) -- Chinese UN Ambassador Li Baodong said here Friday that the member states must uphold unified standards on combating terrorism.

"Double standards must be discarded in the effort of fighting terrorism," Li told an open Security Council meeting on the threats of terrorism to international peace and security. " International community should oppose any form of agitation or support to terrorism. Adopting inconsistent positions on the base of its own interest will only serve to shielding and conniving terrorism, defeating the purpose of fighting terrorism and undermining the international cooperation in this regard."

Li noted that the international community must address both the symptoms and root causes of the terrorism through integrated measures.

"The counter-terrorism measures should pay due attention to promoting development, eradicating polarization between the rich and the poor and social injustice, properly settling the regional conflicts," he said. "Relying solely on military means may very well proved to be counterproductive."

In addition, the UN and the Security Council should play a leading role in enhancing international counter-terrorism cooperation. "China supports complete and effective implementation of UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy as well as Security Council resolutions and presidential statements, strengthening coordination among UN anti-terrorism agencies," Li said. " Providing anti-terrorism assistance should respect the will and the choice of the member states."

The Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy was adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2006 as a common strategic approach to combating terrorism that set out practical steps for states individually and collectively.

Last but not the least, the ambassador called for dialogue between civilizations, mutual understanding and tolerance in the process of fighting terrorism.

"We must not draw lines by ideology in our efforts of fighting terrorism," Li said. "We are opposed to linking terrorism with certain states, governments, enthnicities or religions. We also oppose the shielding and conniving of terrorism by any political, ethnic and religious reasons."

China will continue to actively participate in the international cooperation on counter-terrorism within the UN framework making unremitting efforts in eliminating terrorism, Li added.


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