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FM: China continues to firmly uphold national territorial sovereignty

(People's Daily Online)

18:02, May 02, 2012

Liu Weimin, Foreign Ministry spokesman, at the press conference of April 24 (Foreign Ministry of China)

Beijing, May 2 (People's Daily Online)--The Foreign Ministry held a press conference on April 24, in which Liu Weimin, Foreign Ministry spokesman answered the reporters' questions.

Question: It's the 14th day of the Huangyan Island incident. What's China's view on the current situation? In addition, the Philipines said recently that China's sovereignty claim over virtually the entire South China Sea is disturbing. How does China comment?

Answer: This issue was caused by Philippine warships' harassment of Chinese fishing boats and fishermen in waters off the Huangyan Island. In the wake of the incident, China immediately sent public service ships to the sea area to protect its national territorial sovereignty and safety of Chinese fishermen. At the same time, China made solemn representations with the Philippines through diplomatic channels both in Beijing and via the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines. The Philippines also expressed its wish to solve the issue through diplomatic means and denied that it would send warships and planes to the sea area again. The situation is now calming down. The Chinese Government will continue to firmly uphold national territorial sovereignty. China demands the Philippines to seriously and earnestly handle China's concerns, concretely respect China's territorial sovereignty and refrain from taking any more actions that will complicate or amplify the situation in order to restore peace and stability in waters off the Huangyan Island and do not disrupt the normal operation of Chinese fishermen.

On your second question, the Huangyan Island is China's inherent territory. The Philippines' groundless territorial claim over the Island is the fundamental reason behind the complications of the situation. What's more, it is neither justified nor helpful to expand the issue of territorial sovereignty over the Huangyan Island to the entire South China Sea.


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HsunTze at 2012-05-02182.63.162.*
The Philippines Foreign Secretary Alberto Rosario had not only gone back on his words but now turned even more arrogant and aggressive in his thoughts and speeches, thinking he had the backing of a powerful country. It is only natural of weaklings when they are yelling from within the arms of a powerful-ling.Despite the odd couple"s embracing and carrying out seemingly provocative exercises, China cannot but take steps to effectively defend its sovereign rights and protect its citizens fishing in the seas around the land.China must resolutely oppose any infringement off our territorial sovereignty and integrity.

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