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Philippines' "bully" claim sheer subjective assumption: Chinese spokesman


11:21, April 30, 2012

File photo of Chinese fishery administration ship named "Yuzheng 310 "(File photo/

BEIJING, April 29 (Xinhua) -- China said Sunday that the Philippines' allegation that a Chinese ship "bullied" Philippine vessels was sheer subjective assumption.

"According to the information from relevant authorities, China's Yuzheng 310 went on patrol in waters off the coast of Huangyan Island in the early morning of April 28 (Saturday) in accordance with the law," said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin in response to a question from the press.

"The Philippine side's allegation about the Chinese fishery patrol ship 'bullying' Philippine vessels is sheer subjective assumption," said the spokesman.

On Saturday, the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs said that the Chinese ship approached several Philippine vessels and generated a two-meter wave to bully them.

"The Huangyan Island is an inherent part of China's territory and we hope that the Philippine side will stop creating incidents that make things even more complicated," he added.


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HongKiKong at 2012-05-01203.218.99.*
The time had come for China to build super Gerald Bull artillery gun that cover the whole of South China Sea.By firing live excise on Diaoyu Island and all contested island on South China Sea to claim our sovereign rights.Mini Nuclear stealth submarine are best to protect all coastal area.superior number are best defense.They are cheap to produce and 300-500 mini-sub will deter the biggest aircraft carrier or submarine
Sam Teng at 2012-04-30175.139.82.*
Huangyan Island belongs to China. Any encroachment into Chinese territory is an encroachment to its territorial integrity. The Philippines vessels had not rights to be there. On the contrary, the Chinese fishery patrol ship had every rights to patrol its own territory. The culprits here were the Philippines vessels and they were the one who were encroaching the Chinese territory to seek confrontation. The question of "bully" is a sheer fabrication by the Philippines to discredit China.
wende at 2012-04-3071.251.45.*
I think the Philippine vessels are trying to block the path of the Chinese ship and they are getting too close thus they were hit with the waves. If Philippine vessels had done evasive movements, they will not get hit with the waves.

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