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Internationalizing S. China Sea issue is strategically short sighted

By Zhong Sheng (People's Daily)

09:01, April 28, 2012

Edited and Translated by People's Daily Online

The South China Sea has been a performance stage of a few countries and the external powers behind them for quite a period. The oil prospecting and development projects that have been launched successively, the well-targeted joint island-landing military drill and intense diplomatic coordination have made the big drama noisier.

Without doubt, this drama is played for China to watch, though it will not be able to force a great power to compromise its principle and standpoint. In their opinion, the countermeasures China will take will further “magnify” China's “impact and threat” to the outside world, and therefore, the big net containing the rise of China will be tighter and stronger.

This drama is the internationalization of the South China Sea issue. In the depth of their hearts, they like the phrase “the internationalization of the South China Sea issue.” It is simple but has some modern color of global governance, and even has the sense of calling for the world to protect a small country from being bullied by a big country.

Small waves will not capsize the big diplomatic boat of China

A just cause gains great support, an unjust one gains little. China will not have many enemies as it loves peace and shares the development opportunity sincerely with the world. In the complicated external environment, it is not easy for China to walk from the edge to the center of the international stage. However, China is never narrow-minded or short-sighted. Those who are talking about the “pressures” and “a difficult situation” China is facing actually think too much.

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helen at 2012-04-28175.136.85.*
And we all know who is the devil behind the intransigence of the Philippines "americophile" elites. Being a former colony of the United States, most Filipinos would have loved to integrate as the 51st state of the USA but alas, they are only useful as pawns in US"s geopolitical agenda. Short of that, the Philippines can only be an economic liability for the US.Come what may, the Philippines will always be more inclined towards the United States than to Asean or Asia for that matter. This the reality in this part of Asia ...
wende at 2012-04-2871.251.45.*
Instead of calling this issue as South China Sea issue, it might be better to call it as claim to Nansha, Xisha, Dongsha. China is not claim the whole South China Sea but only the islands, shoals, and lands over the sea. South China Sea is free for all legitimate and legal passing of vessels of all flags. Therefore, this is the reason for my suggestion.
MICHAEL at 2012-04-28209.203.70.*
China"s reluctance to submit the parties" territorial claims to international arbitration could arise from concern over its ability to demonstrate the legal justification for its claims. It would prefer to rely upon its economic and military leverage vis-a-vis the smaller parties.

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