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Philippines' Huangyan Island sovereignty claim "illegal": spokesman

(People's Daily Online)

08:11, April 28, 2012

Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin (Photo/ Foreign Ministry of China)

BEIJING, April 27 (People's Daily Online) -- The Philippines' sovereignty claim over Huangyan Island is "illegal" and against basic principles of international relations, Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin said here Friday.

"The Philippines has once clearly stated that Huangyan Island in the South China Sea is not part of its territory, but now it swallowed its words and raised illegal territory claim over an island which belongs to China," Liu said at a regular press briefing.

"Such a claim runs against the basic principles of international relations, which require respect to sovereignty and territorial integrity," he said when asked to comment on Philippine Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario's recent accusations against China over the issue.

The recent incident at Huangyan Island was triggered by a Philippine warship violent harassment of Chinese fishermen, and concerns China's sovereignty, according to Liu.

The Philippines should respect China's sovereignty, avoid actions which would scale up and complicate the situation so as to resume peace and order in the waters around the island, the spokesman added.

Some media reports have said the Philippines has issued notice to China on its readiness to raise the sovereignty of Huangyan Island to international arbitration.

"What a world it would be if a country could, at its own will, raise another country's territory to international arbitration," Liu said, stressing the Huangyan Island is inherent territory of China.


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patriotic at 2012-05-01112.207.4.*
may i know, what happened to my comments?
Patriotic at 2012-05-01112.207.21.*
"What a world it would be if a country could impose its will and own another country"s territory through military might rather than through legal and moral ground accepted by the whole nation. That is the main essence of United prevent those countries with a larger than life ego to bully and conquer the less capable nation to protect its territories or else the world would see again a Hitler!!!
lea at 2012-04-30124.6.187.*
The Philippines want China to go to international court so we can settle this diplomatically and because China signed the United Nations Convention on the Laws Of the Seas (UNCLOS). In UNCLOS, The Philippines bases its claim on its proximity and the principle of terra nullius, which holds that it was previously unclaimed by a sovereign state, e Philippines has exercised effective jurisdiction and effective occupation of the shoal since its independence. So please do your research first before you comment.
Jj at 2012-04-29202.156.10.*
Wonder why pinas want the island now? If pinas want it, fight it the pinas way with china. Dun hide behind the pants of the u.s.a. They are broke and need time to rebuild. Pls dun let japan make use of u pinas. As pinas, i see u as brave and smart and courageous. Pls dun disappoint ok.
PD User at 2012-04-2976.124.224.*
China should sanction Philippines by cancelling their exports to China.Right now, Philippines is enjoying trade surplus with China.

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