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Deepening China-Europe cooperation at the right time

By Zhang Jian (People's Daily Overseas Edition)

16:07, April 27, 2012

Edited and Translated by People's Daily Online

Recently, the Chinese top leaders intensively visited the Europe, which is rare in China’s diplomacy.

From the arrangement and itinerary of these visits, China conveyed several important messages to the EU and the world.

First, China paid an all-round attention to the Europe.

Second, although the EU sovereign debt crisis may continue to deteriorate, China is still optimistic about the prospect for the development of the European countries and the EU.

Third, China is willing to strengthen China-Europe cooperation to help the EU out of the debt crisis, promote the economic development of both sides and drive the global economic growth.

Overall, the frequent visits to the Europe are a positive response to the EU’s expectation that China can help it out of the debt crisis.

Although the EU economy is overall recovering, it has a weakened sign. Greece and other peripheral countries are not yet out of recession and such countries as Spain will be troubled in recession again. The sovereign debt crisis is still spreading and even may deteriorate. In the face of crisis, the European countries unprecedentedly strengthened their attention to Chinese market and urgently hoped that China will open the market larger and faster.

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factfinder at 2012-04-2776.217.29.*
China needs to be an alternative force in international affairs. It should not alter its principles to please other nations. This is the time to demand equlity and respect. China should not always look at the economic benefits but standstrong on its national principals

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