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Manila's resort to foreign intervention in South China Sea set to end in vain


15:06, April 26, 2012

BEIJING, April 26 (Xinhua) -- Over the past days, the Philippines has not only made repeated provocative moves over China's Huangyan Island, but attempted to resort to external forces to muddle up the issue.

Currently, the standoff has persisted for nearly half a month since two Chinese surveillance ships came to the rescue of the Chinese fishermen who had been harassed by Philippine warships.

Turning a deaf ear to China's repeated calls for exercising restraint and preventing tensions from escalating, Manila has sent military reinforcements to the Huangyan Island area.

Playacting as being "disadvantaged" in an attempt to win "support" from the international community, the Philippines has also taken more despicable actions.

It has asked China to agree to bring the dispute to the International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea for arbitration and urged other countries concerned to "consider what China is endeavoring to do" on the island and "take a stand" on China's actions.

All too clear is Manila's ulterior motive, with resort to external forces, to heighten, complicate and internationalize the controversy in a bid to muddle up the issue and grab the territory that does not belong to it, neither on historical or legal basis.

It is known to all that Huangyan Island and surrounding waters have been an integral part of China since ancient times, and the Philippines' claim over its sovereignty is groundless and self-contradictory.

As late as the 1980s, maps published in the Philippines showed that Huangyan Island is outside of its territory.

Having repeatedly stated that the island was not within its territory, the Philippines had never disputed over China's claim to the island and surrounding waters before 1997.

Over-enthusiasm of the powers, such as the United States, over the South China Sea has been a major factor prompting Manila's stab at exploiting foreign intervention over its groundless territorial claim.

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McCarthy at 2012-04-27206.125.72.*
Manila uses the United Staes military as leverage, thinking that China would not dare to counter a military incursion to take the island. China will fear and quake in it"s boots at the awesome militay might of the US. This "if you touch me, my big brother will clobber you" mentality should be dealt a swift and brutual military defeat. This is necessary, first to establish the principle that China fears no one, and will not become a whipping post or door mat for United States expansionism and hegemony. Second as a message to others that China has the will and capacity to strike her enemies when diplomacy and rationality does not work. This will establish the fact that China has the will and fortitude to defend the home land. Only then will the pushing and shoving of China around be stopped, the US will retreat and China will earn the respect of all other nations.
OutSpoken at 2012-04-27112.198.64.*
China has been bullying other countries for many years, and will continue to do so. They don"t want international involvement, because they know they are wrong and the rest of the world will tell them that they are wrong on this matter. -
HuaQiao at 2012-04-2724.118.176.*
. . . " However, following an escalation of the Spratly Islands dispute in 2011, various Philippine government agencies started using the neologism "West Philippine Sea". A Pagasa spokesperson said that the sea to the east of the Philippines will continue to be called the Philippine Sea.[7] " If the Philippine use this term only after 2011, then the Philippine shouldn"t have much claims on these islands.

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