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Chinese premier meets Polish president on bilateral ties


08:08, April 26, 2012

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao (L front) meets with Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski (R front) in Warsaw, Poland, April 25, 2012. (Xinhua/Pang Xinglei)

WARSAW, April 25 (Xinhua) -- Visiting Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski met here Wednesday afternoon and pledged to deepen bilateral relations.

Speaking highly of Poland's long history and splendid culture, Wen said Poland is a major nation in central and eastern Europe and also an important member of the European Union.

China and Poland enjoy a traditional friendship and respect each other's development path, he said, adding that the two countries also boast sound development momentum in their ties and tremendous potential for bilateral cooperation.

China, he said, stands ready to work with Poland to further deepen the bilateral strategic partnership by earnestly carrying out their consensus in various areas such as politics, trade and economy and culture.

A closer China-Poland relationship is not only in line with the fundamental interests of both sides but also conducive to the stable and healthy development of China-Europe ties, the premier said.

For his part, Komorowski said the Polish people have a deep affection for the Chinese people and admire the achievements China has made in its development.

Noting that bilateral relations have developed steadily over the past years on the basis of mutual respect, he said the two sides can learn from each other as both of them are striving for national development.

Poland, the president said, is willing to push forward high-level contacts with China and enhance mutually beneficial cooperation so as to bring more benefits to the two peoples.

Meanwhile, Poland will play a positive role in reinforcing China's relations with central and eastern Europe and deepening the comprehensive strategic partnership between Europe and China, he said.

Poland is the last leg of Wen's four-nation Europe tour. He has visited Iceland and Sweden and attended the opening ceremony of Hannover Fair in Germany.


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