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Stop driving a wedge between China and Russia

By Meng Yan and Gao Jiquan (Jiefang Daily)

16:34, April 24, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

The ongoing China-Russia joint naval drill is just a normal drill within the framework of the military cooperation between the two countries, and also a pragmatic action for them to deepen friendly cooperation and build up strategic mutual trust.

However, certain Western media adopted a hostile attitude and took advantage of the joint drill to drive a wedge between the two countries. According to their baseless reports, tacit friction lurks in the mutual trust and friendship openly expressed by China and Russia. They even assumed a deep Russian distrust of China, and tried to delude Russia into being wary of China.

Obviously, such baseless and tendentious reports are intended to obstruct the increasingly close China-Russia comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership, and hinder the development of the friendly relations between the two countries.

Certain Westerners do not want to see a stable and prosperous China, and would like to fan the flames and sow discord in the news reports. They have hyped the “China threat theory,” made negative predictions about the Chinese economy, and provoked tensions between China and its neighbors, hoping that an unstable neighborhood would obstruct China’s primary task of maintaining stable and rapid economic growth.

As China’s modernization as well as reform and opening up require a favorable external environment, the country has firmly committed itself to the path of peaceful development, and continued its policy of friendship and partnership with neighboring countries. In recent years, China has made active efforts to build an amicable, tranquil, and prosperous neighborhood, and made remarkable achievements in this regard.

China-Russia relations, particularly their military relations, have developed steadily since they established diplomatic ties. The two militaries have carried out frequent high-level exchanges as well as pragmatic cooperation in a wide range of fields. The two navies exchange visits every two years. The relationship between the two countries is in the best period in history. The China-Russia comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership has stood the test of time, and enjoys a solid realistic foundation. Their relations will continue to develop steadily through a series of pragmatic cooperation projects such as the joint naval drill.

How should China respond to the Western media’s provocative reports? To stop China enjoying a favorable external environment, they have tried every means possible to sow discord, distrust, and disharmony between China and its friends in order to hinder the country’s development. China should be fully aware of their conspiracy, respond calmly to crises, and make more friends and fewer enemies, so their wishful thinking will come to nothing.

It should be noted that certain Western countries are afraid to see a strong China, and are even more afraid to see China and Russia become friends. In order to destroy the friendship between the two major powers, they have started and spread various rumors to sow distrust between China and Russia.

After many years of ups and downs, the politicians, people, and media outlets of both China and Russia have become mature enough to keep calm and maintain mutual trust despite discords. Within the framework of the China-Russia comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership, the two countries will continue to consolidate their friendly relations, and enhance people-to-people friendship.


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John at 2012-04-2569.158.48.*
Western countries are so jealous of china"s rise to prosperity and to become world power and so trying so hard to find any way they could to destroy china.In your your dream! Westerner-----------
ASEAN-net at 2012-04-25207.178.234.*
As long as the leaderships of China, Russia, India, and some ASEAN countries are fully aware of the "divide and conquer" dirty tricks being played out by the United States and some in the West, their state-to-state relationships will be mutual beneficial and peaceful. The potential danger is that if any of the regional countries selfishly accepts the sugar-coated carrots from the West and soon forgets the long-term and bigger picture for peace and development in the region, they will fall into the trap set by the United States and will be a LOSER in all fronts in this game. The West will never accept you as an equal partner even you want to be so because what they want want is domination and exploitation of other nations on the planet. You can only force them to respect you if you are strong and solid enough. Please help yourself and your neighbors have the last laugh in this century, not for those who have never and will never rest on the ideas and means to destroy the countries and enslave the peoples in the region.
wende at 2012-04-2571.251.45.*
China can cultivate friendship with all countries but would not forget its own national interests. getting friendship does not mean selling out sovereignty and national interests.
Ming Chu(USA) at 2012-04-2475.208.143.*
This week of the ongoing China-Russia joint navel drill in China . . . . .well , I do not seem to see any news coverage of this in the American media here in the USA . . .I can read English but nothing of this in the American press . Fortunately , I can read Chinese .
Pitty at 2012-04-24190.229.114.*
Rusia y China son una "traba" al orden hegemónico de Occidente.

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