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China urges int'l cooperation in combating illegal migration, violence against migrants


08:46, April 24, 2012

VIENNA, April 23 (Xinhua) -- China's Deputy Minister of Justice Zhao Dacheng on Monday said the Chinese government is of the view that international cooperation should be further strengthened to combat illegal migration and violence against migrants.

Against the background of rapid globalization, migration can sometimes bring with it problems such as trafficking and integrating into the local society, he said in a speech at the United Nations' 21st Session of the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice in Vienna.

Migrants are often rendered vulnerable abroad being unfamiliar with the local language, laws and culture and their rights, Zhao said. In such a setting, workers can fall victim to human trafficking and smuggling, kidnapping, physical assault, extortion and forced labor.

"No country can single-handedly find a proper solution to these issues," he stressed.

Zhao said it was important for countries and international organizations to take joint measures to manage the movement of migrants and prevent violence against migrants and their families.

The deputy minister added that China continues to welcome foreign nationals to legally work in China and continues to improve its border control and migration activities.

He stressed, however, that the Chinese government is resolutely opposed to and carries out crackdowns on organized transnational crimes including illegal migration, smuggling and human trafficking.

Zhao said combating transnational crimes require strengthened dialogue and cooperation between countries. In this aspect, the United Nations should step up coordination and cooperation in a joint response to all types of new crimes such as cyber crimes and smuggling of cultural property, he stated.

Stepping up technical assistance and building capacity in developing countries is also crucial, he remarked.


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