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Chinese patrol ship reaches waters off Huangyan Island


17:02, April 20, 2012

File photo of Yuzheng-310, China's most advanced fishery patrol ship (CNTV)

GUANGZHOU, April 20 (Xinhua) -- The Yuzheng-310, China's most advanced fishery patrol ship, arrived in waters off the coast of Huangyan Island in the South China Sea at Friday noon, starting its mission to protect the country's interests in territorial waters, fishery authorities said.

The 2,580-tonne ship set sail from the southern port city of Guangzhou on Wednesday.

China has beefed up patrols in the South China Sea to protect the country's maritime rights and interests as Chinese fishing boats have been frequently harassed or seized by armed ships of neighboring countries. Twelve Chinese fishing boats were harassed last week by a Philippine Navy gunboat while taking refuge from harsh weather in a lagoon near China's Huangyan Island.

The Yuzheng-310 will conduct routine patrols in waters off the coast of Huangyan Island, so as to protect China's sea rights and ensure the safety of Chinese fishermen, said a statement released Friday by the South China Sea Fishery Bureau under the Ministry of Agriculture.


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william king T. at 2012-04-21121.221.32.*
China must shown you are the rightful owner and no compromise necessary.
nk at 2012-04-2167.81.27.*
china needs to safe guarding their people and territorial waters just like usa countries lately is pushing china more than ever cause they affraid china is not as grety as the west and is jealous of that.
HuaQiao at 2012-04-2075.72.239.*
Take action seriously or you might expose any weaknesses you may have. It is your property and so if some one try to rob you with a knife, you must pull a handgun. If some one try to rob you with a handgun, pull a submachine gun or you would eventually have to pull your trigger.

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