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China not violating UN resolutions on DPRK missile: US

By Chen Lidan (People's Daily Online)

16:52, April 20, 2012

Beijing, April 20 (People's Daily Online)--The United States believes China fully complies with UN Resolution 1718 and 1874 and did not provide assistance related to missile launching to the DPRK, a spokesman of the U.S. Department of State told reporters on Thursday at a daily press briefing.

The UN Security Council passed Resolution 1718 in 2006 and Resolution 1874 in 2009, which demanded the DPRK to stop activities of nuclear test and ballistic missile launching. China voted for both resolutions.

QUESTION: Congressman Mike Turner sent a letter to Secretary Clinton about new mobile missile shown at the military parade in Pyongyang, and he says that the photos of this new missile suggest cooperation and support from China. And he’s asking if such any cooperation would be in violation of the UN Security Council resolution, and if so, what the Administration is going to do. So what’s your response to that?

MARK C. TONER (Deputy Spokesperson): Well, again, I’ve seen – I think there’s been some press reports out about this. China has provided repeated assurances that it is complying fully with both Resolution 1718 as well as 1874. We’re not presently aware of any UN probe into this matter, so I’d refer you to the UN.

QUESTION: Has China specifically given assurances on this since the rocket launch?

TONER: Not that I’m aware, no. But they have said – they’ve said in the past that they’ve been compliant with 1874 and 1718. I’m not aware that they’ve given any direct response to these reports.

QUESTION: Sure. And the U.S. is confident of that? The U.S. can take China at its word that there isn’t that type of cooperation?

TONER: Well, again, I think we take them at their word. There is a UN mechanism. There’s a UN sanctions committee that exists to look into these allegations.

QUESTION: Sorry, just to make sure, you do believe them?



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Mike, did you help to advise the Administration to blow up libya, iraq and afghan with drones as well?Mike, did you also help to advise the Administration to fuel those water conflicts of filippino, south korean and japanese dogs and cats with DPRK and China?

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