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Efforts needed to promote Korean peninsula’s peace, stability

(People's Daily Online)

16:54, April 18, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

What changes will the DPRK's failed satellite launch bring to the situation on the Korean peninsula? Obviously, it will be more difficult to restart the six-party talks although the parties involved have not announced their next move.

The United States signed an agreement with the DPRK in February to send food aid to the impoverished state, but immediately cut promised aid after its satellite launch announcement. Japan and ROK also reacted strongly against the satellite launch, which led to a sudden reversal of the easing situation on the Korean peninsula. DPRK’s failed satellite launch has triggered mixed reactions. The United States, Japan, and ROK have continued to condemn its “provocative act.”

China has noticed DPRK’s satellite launch and the reactions of all parties concerned. China has maintained close communication with all parties concerned, and adopted a clear stance that relevant parties should keep calm, exercise restraint, and make concerted efforts to ease the regional situation, to restart the six-party talks, and to promote peace and stability on the Korean peninsula.

The current tensions highlight the importance of resuming the six-party talks. It will be a right choice for all parties concerned to honor their commitments, implement the consensus previously reached, and get the six-party talks back on track.

Bilateral dialogue between the United States and the DPRK is important to the restart of the six-party talks. However, it seems rather difficult to resume the bilateral dialogue for now. Previous U.S.-DPRK talks were conducted within the framework of the six-party talks. If all parties concerned jointly promote the restart of the six-party talks, it will be possible to see the resumption of U.S.-DPRK dialogue within the framework of the six-party talks.

A peaceful and stable Korean peninsula serves the interests of all parties concerned, who have a common duty to treat both the root cause and symptoms of issues affecting regional peace and stability. To this end, they should address these issues in a comprehensive and systematic manner, instead of just dealing with a particular aspect of an issue or a particular action by a stakeholder.

Achieving denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, realizing normal relations between relevant countries, and establishing a Northeast Asian peace and security mechanism are crucial to promoting peace and stability on the peninsula. All parties concerned should make untiring efforts to restart the much-needed six-party talks, which is an effective mechanism and important platform for discussing and addressing these issues.

Maintaining a clear and consistent stance on issues regarding the Korean peninsula, China will continue to work with other parties concerned to promote the resumption of the six-party talks, and play an active and constructive role in bringing lasting peace and stability to the peninsula and Northeast Asia.


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PD User at 2012-05-0368.118.49.*
The US has waged a full-scale Cold War against the DPRK since 1953. The objective of this war is the same as that waged against the Warsaw Pact states, economic collapse and recognition of US hegemony. So far, the DPRK has defeated the US Cold War tactics.The return of peace and stability to the Korean peninsula requires that the US accept its defeat, withdraw its support to the ROK, and normalize relations with the DPRK.
PD User at 2012-05-0375.72.67.*
Asian countries should modernize itself on the face of hostile nations. To have peace is to have security through strong military might and self-armed nuclear bombs. Otherwise, war is inevitable and Asia would be in war already.
joy gebhard at 2012-04-2097.73.64.*
Everyone will be looser by creating atmosphere of accidental war by provoking, counter provoking and simply by misunderstanding the current events in Korea. Full scale diplomatic effort should prevail. urgent for diplomacy peninsula.

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