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The Amabassador of Czech Republic: China is a huge space to be discovered

By Wang Jinxue, Dong Jing (People's Daily Online)

09:08, April 16, 2012

On April 12, 2012, H.E. Libor Sečka, the Ambassador of the Czech Republic to China paid a visit to People’s Daily, and had an online video interview with People’s Daily Online. He said in the interview “China is a huge space to be discovered and each discovery makes you happier”.

People’s Daily Online: Hello, everyone, welcome to People’s Daily Online. Today, our distinguished guest here is the Ambassador of the Czech Republic, Libor Sečka. Welcome here, Mr. Ambassador.

Ambassador: 你好。

People’s Daily Online: Thank you for coming here to address the concerns of our audience. As you have been in China for more than 2 years as an ambassador, what's your impression about China?

Ambassador: I have been for 2 years and a half ambassador in China of the Czech Republic. I have to say I am full of impressions, because China is a great country with a long and very famous history, a lot of architecture, and nice nature. But at the same time, China is a dynamic contemporary country, which has a lot of things which we can see here. So I am very happy to be here, and I am full of impressions which are positive. And I would like to say also that not only things but also people. These are the most important things for China today.

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