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Locke: Working together, almost nothing China and US cannot solve

By Chen Lidan (People's Daily Online)

15:44, April 13, 2012

Gary Locke, U.S. Ambassador to China

He was proud to be the first Chinese American U.S. ambassador to China and his father was proud to know that his son was returning to the land of his birth, and the birth of their ancestors, said Gary Locke, U.S. Ambassador to China, during an online communication with Chinese netizens at the Qiangguo Forum, People’s Daily Online, on the afternoon of April 13, 2012.

People’s Daily Online: A number of ordinary Chinese people have known you very well through media reports during the past eight months. As we know, you served as the Secretary of Commerce and now are the U.S. ambassador to China. Do you feel any difference when handling the issues about China with such position change?

Gary Locke: When I was the governor of the State of Washington, I was here in China many times. After I stopped being the governor of the State of Washington, I was working for a law firm, traveling to China over four years, five to six times a year. And as Secretary of Commerce, I was here in China as well. Let me just say that it is a different role as the ambassador of the United States to China. But I’m very very proud to be the first Chinese American U.S. ambassador to China. I’m very proud of my Chinese ancestor. My father was very proud when I was sworn in by President Obama as Secretary of Commerce. I think he would be even more proud to know that his son was returning to the land of his birth, and the birth of our ancestors, to be the U.S. ambassador, the representator of the U.S government here in China.

We’re focusing on a few key priorities. Number one, helping more American companies sell their products and services, made in the United States, here to China. We believe that represents win-win opportunities for the people of China, to help raising their standards of living a quality life, to modernize China. We are creating jobs at home. We are also focusing on improving the US-China relationship, government to government, people to people and business to business. Because it is my view that if the United States and China cooperate, there is almost nothing that we cannot solve. In fact the world is looking for leadership from China and the United States, to solve not just the problems of America or China, but indeed the problems and chances facing the entire world.

The final thing is we very much want to encourage more people-to-people exchanges so that the people of China have a very good understanding of the people, the culture, the history and the values of America, and that the people of America come to China and learn more about China, its great history, its great contributions to world civilization, its language, its culture, (and) its way of life. Because only with solid foundation of people-to-people understanding, will our governments and our businesses be able to work together. And only with that foundation, can two great countries of the world really move forwards into the 21st century.

·Successive U.S. Presidents reaffirm and support One-China Policy: Locke

·Despite Chinese face, I represent America: Gary Locke

·My No.1 goal is to help improve US-China relations: Locke

·Chinese ancestry gives me sensitive understanding of China: Locke

·U.S., China can solve problems facing the world together: Locke

·Encouraging more Chinese to U.S. helps boost bilateral ties: Locke

·Unfortunate acts don't mean Chinese Americans no chance to succeed: Locke

·Working in China a great experience: Locke

·U.S. welcomes Chinese investors: Locke

·We are seeking level play field of trade: Locke

·US, China differ on how far and how much RMB should appreciate: Locke

·Jeremy Lin’s perseverance wins respects of Americans: Locke


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