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Win-win int'l co-op the only option: Chinese official


09:04, April 11, 2012

BEIJING, April 10 (Xinhua) -- The world should find a new pattern of interaction featuring win-win cooperation as nations are becoming increasingly interdependent, a Chinese Foreign Ministry official said on Tuesday.

"Countries should not repeat history by maximizing their own interests, vying for spheres of influence, conducting arms races or competing viciously in a zero-sum game," China's Assistant Foreign Minister Le Yucheng said at a forum held by China Institute of International Studies.

"In this networked world of a myriad of challenges, win-win cooperation is not an option rather is the only option," Le said, adding that "we must abandon the so-called 'seesaw' mentality which contends one's rise is another's fall."

Le quoted U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, saying that the world needs to "find a new answer to the ancient question of what happens when an established power and a rising power meet."

"I think we already have the answer: win-win cooperation, which should be the hallmark of the new pattern of interaction between major countries," said the Chinese official.

"Like it or not, China and the United States are destined to form a community of shared interests, responsibilities and destinies," Le said, adding that the only choice for China and the United States is to accommodate each other and carry out win-win cooperation.

Le said that the collective rise of emerging countries in the 21st century adds a unique "skyline" to the international landscape.

"Today, nobody can deny that the recovery and growth of the world economy now depends, to a large extent, on emerging economies," said the official.

"One should make use of it (the rise of emerging countries) and partner with emerging countries to promote development and stability in the world," Le said.

At the forum, Le also criticized some developed countries' attempt to change rules "unilaterally and willfully."

Some European countries and the United States often complain that the existing international rules are unfair to them and that globalization is detrimental to their interests, "even though they were the ones that set the rules and championed globalization and have been the biggest beneficiaries," said the Chinese official.

"Now, when they are no longer happy about these rules, they want to use their privileges to remake them to their own advantage," Le added.

"If the international rules are not fair, it is the developing countries that have most reasons to complain, because we have lived with them for decades," said the official, adding that developing countries do not have the privileges enjoyed by issuing the U.S. dollar, and cannot appoint the head of the World Bank or the International Monetary Fund.

"China has to sell rare earths at a low price, but is banned from buying the weapons and high-tech products made using these minerals," he said, adding that "and we end up only allowed to buy soybeans and airplanes."

"Some countries have made big money in the Chinese market, yet they refuse to recognize China as a market economy. You want unfair rules that need fixing? Take a look at these," said the official.


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