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Chinese Premier holds talks with Italian counterpart


13:05, March 31, 2012

BEIJING, March 31 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao on Saturday held talks with his Italian counterpart in Beijing.

"Italy is a major member of the European Union and a strategic partner of China," Wen said during his talks with visiting Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti.

Premier Wen said he appreciated Monti's commitment to carrying out reform to boost the Italian economy as well as developing the relationship with China.

"With its vibrant culture, Italy is highly innovative and has a large number of dynamic medium- and small-sized enterprises," Wen said, adding that he believed that Italy will successfully deal with the unfavorable external economic environment and achieve new growth, thanks to its solid economic foundation, great potential and the ongoing reforms.

Monti said Italy regards China as a strategic partner and the Italian side is willing to advance cooperation with China bilaterally and multilaterally for common development. He added that he hoped this visit would serve to deepen the traditional friendship between the two nations.

Before their talks, Wen held a welcome ceremony for the Italian leader at the Great Hall of the People.

At Wen's invitation, Monti arrived in Beijing Friday afternoon for his official visit to China. After the Beijing tour, Monti will attend the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2012 in the southern Chinese province of Hainan.


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