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China calls for equal treatment in Australia

By Hu Yinan and Wang Chenyan (China Daily)

09:03, March 29, 2012

The Foreign Ministry on Wednesday urged the Australian government "to remove blinkers" toward investors from China and stop thwarting the ordinary business plans of Chinese enterprises.

Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said that the products and services of Chinese enterprises are fairly estimated in the Australian market and among Australian consumers and therefore China hopes relevant government divisions in Australia could work to provide Chinese investors equal opportunities.

"Investment cooperation between China and Australia for years has brought Chinese enterprises opportunities of 'going global'. It has also served as a strong engine for the economic and social development of Australia as well as the improvement of its people's life," Hong said.

He emphasized that both sides should keep making joint efforts to enhance win-win cooperation.

A senior executive of global telecom giant Huawei on Wednesday called the firm "part of the solution, not the problem", days after it was blocked from bidding on a multibillion communications project in Australia on cyber security concerns.

"It is a legitimate concern for business communities, governments and individuals to address this security issue (and) to jointly develop capacities and solutions. (But) in that regard, we're part of the solution," Yao Weimin, vice-president of Huawei Global, told a news briefing in New Delhi.

Huawei, the world's second-largest telecom company after China Mobile, earlier said it was willing to make concessions to win contracts from the $38 billion National Broadband Network, which aims to connect 93 percent of Aussie homes and workplaces with optical fiber and ultra-fast broadband by 2020.

Australia has banned the firm from bidding, citing concerns about cyber attacks that can be traced to China.

Jeremy Mitchell, director for corporate affairs at Huawei (Australia, New Zealand & South Pacific), has said it is important not to "paint China with one brush". "Yes, we are Chinese in origin, but we are privately owned, we are a global company," he said.

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