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China hits West with anti-dumping paper tariffs

By Yang Jingjie (Global Times)

08:30, March 23, 2012

China has imposed anti-dumping duties on imported photographic paper and paper board from the US, the EU and Japan starting today, after the US set countervailing and anti-dumping duties on Chinese products Tuesday.

"The final ruling found that during the probe, dumping of the investigated goods occurred, and China's domestic photographic paper industry suffered substantial harm due to that dumping," the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) said in a verdict of a probe into the matter.

Companies from the EU and the US, including Kodak Ltd, FujiFilm Manufacturing Europe BV and FujiFilm Manufacturing USA Inc, are required to pay tariffs from 16.2 percent to 28.8 percent, it said.

All Japanese goods will be subject to duties of 28.8 percent. The anti-dumping duties will expire five years after the date of imposition.

The MOC launched the anti-dumping investigation on December 23, 2010 after receiving an application from domestic photographic paper companies.

It should have ended on December 23, 2011, but the deadline was prolonged by three months because of the case's complexity.

The final ruling came after the US announced preliminary duties of between 2.9 percent and 4.73 percent on Chinese solar panels Tuesday, after it adjudged that Chinese exporters have received countervailing subsidies.

On the same day, the US also slapped anti-dumping duties on brightening chemicals, galvanized steel wire and silicon metal imported from China.

He Weiwen, co-director of China-US-EU Study Center under the China Association of International Trade, told the Global Times that the duties imposed on photographic paper are technically separate from the pressure exerted by the US, but came at a delicate time and could give Beijing a card to play in trade negotiations.

Mei Xinyu, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation under the MOC, echoed the sentiment.

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helen at 2012-03-23141.0.8.*
Chinese leaders are slowly beginning to learn that there is such a thing called RECIPROCITY in international relations. The Qing Court of more than a century believed otherwise and consequently the Chinese people suffered more than "Hundred Year of Humiliations" at the hands of foreign powers!

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