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Seizing of fishermen sends warning to Vietnam: analyst

By Yang Jinghao (Global Times)

08:48, March 22, 2012

China should take a diverse range of approaches, including hard-line ones, to maintain its interests in the South China Sea amid a string of disputes with neighboring countries, an analyst said Wednesday.

Chinese authorities are holding two Vietnamese boats and 21 fishermen who were detained while fishing near the Xisha Islands earlier this month, a Vietnamese official told AFP Wednesday.

The crew has been held in custody since, AFP reported, citing the official.

The captain told his family that China is demanding 70,000 yuan ($11,074) for their release, while Vietnamese officials advised the family not to pay and have asked Hanoi to press China for their release, according to the report.

China's foreign ministry told China Network Television Wednesday that they are looking into the matter, without offering details.

Du Jifeng, a researcher at the Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, told the Global Times that by holding the Vietnamese fishermen, China is sending a warning to those who illegally enter its territorial waters against the backdrop of frequent frictions in the area.

China claims indisputable sovereignty over the Xisha and Nansha Islands and their surrounding waters, but several countries in the region, including Vietnam and the Philippines, have made competing claims.

In February, Hanoi accused Beijing of preventing Vietnamese fishermen from entering waters near the Xisha and Nansha Islands.

On March 1, China's foreign ministry confirmed that they had expelled Vietnamese fishermen from the area, saying it was completely appropriate and legal.

In June last year, Vietnam held a live-fire naval drill in the South China Sea after Beijing accused Vietnamese ships of chasing down Chinese fishing boats near the Nansha Islands.

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jthk at 2012-04-12219.77.40.*
The postwar arrangement led by the West is to maintain their long-term control of the East. For so many lessons in sixty decades, we people of the East ought to understand this reason why we cannot develop? why we are poor? why we can never catch up with the West? We are tightly controled by the international system and ideology created by the West. Why Japan rise? Why Taiwan, S. Korea, Singapore, HK, and now China rise? Because we have found our way to development. We do not waste our money on superpower confrontation like the US and the USSR. When no one wants to fight, we do not need to pay the West money to buy their old weapons and stockpile them till they rust. We can spend our limited resources to develop our own country and bring welfare and benefit to our people. People do not want war, it is only the political leaders who bring the people to war. Who is going to die in war? The soldiers and the civilians!
Huoqiao at 2012-03-2424.118.176.*
ASEAN, you were right sot some points; that China helped Vietnam win the war; that both Vietnam and China believed in same political system; etc. Yet, predicting a future war between these two nations is something out of a child play. Haven't China nor Vietnam forgotten about their political ideology? That they should expand it instead of diminishing and will have war with each others? if this will be the case, those thousands of soldiers died for that cause died for nothing. But, with the Vietnamese exploding population as seen in traffic jammed in Youtube, I am sure war between these two neighbors (with the encouragement of the U.S), would eventually happen some times soon.
ASEAN at 2012-03-22220.255.2.*
For hundreds of years no country in South East Asia takes note of these islands in South China Seas. It is only for the past 40 years that many countries start claiming these islands after reports of oil and natural gases were found in these area. I was a school boy then about 40 years back when I start reading newspaper reports of many countries claiming these islands. Even though I was a small boy then, I tried to figure out who really own these islands with my small but useful, logical, impartial and wise brain. So I turn to an English Encyclopedia printed in UK. I search for Spratly islands, Paracel Islands and Pratas Islands and it were printed “ Chinese Territories “ besides all these islands. So that’s it. The UK and western countries knew long ago that these islands were Chinese Territories but they just refuse to acknowledge so. Because it is to the west interests to see China having problems with their neighbours over these islands.So Vietnam, please look into historical facts and do not be greedy and a trouble maker. These islands are not yours to begin with. When you want to unify North and South Vietnam, China, your brother had helped you so much. That you had forgotten. After you had achieved your aim of unifying your country with China"s help, you were greedy and conquered Cambodia. You were eventually kicked out of Cambodia by international sanctions and the "first lesson" from China. Please always remember The Wiseman ( Deng XiaoPing ) from China saying to you “ We will teach you a second lesson if needed ”. I had an opportunity to speak to a few Vietnamese. Their open minded in their saying shocked me. They told me that the Vietnamese leadership is now making use of the US military might and its soldiers to die for them fighting a stronger country like China. After all, they conclude, US is a country that enjoy interfering in other country’s affairs and USA like to be seen as a big brother in any dispute. And to Vietnam, they do not mind being a smaller brother in this case. Vietnam now wants their old enemy (USA) to fight against their new found enemy ( China ). What Vietnam need is to spend less than US$20 million to take China head on. How ? By giving US politicans red carpet treatments at all time, give them good dinners, wines, beer and encourage US companies to sign oil exploration agreements in South China Seas. When the time comes, the fighting is going to be in South China Sea, that would be between US and China. To show Vietnam’s solidarity with USA, Vietnam would just need to send and sacrifice few of their navy boats to fight alongside US. When that day comes, the Vietnamese leaders will open the champagne and celebrate the occasion at Halong Bay in a boat. Because they are able to manipulate the USA military to their advantage. Vietnam does not have to spend billion of dollars in their defence and yet able to manipulate USA and get the US soldiers to die for them. After all, US soldiers had killed too many Vietnamese in the Vietnam war. That, they have not forgotten.

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