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UK visa policy change to impact Chinese students

By Wang Dongliang (Beijing Daily)

16:52, March 21, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

The United Kingdom will rescind the existing Post-Study Work (PSW) visa from next month to intensify student visa regulations, and raise the standards for the English proficiency of students from non-English-speaking countries and the sum of property proof to ensure their living in the country without working.

China's Ministry of Education (MOE) published a notice on March 19 reminding Chinese students planning to study in the United Kingdom to be prepared for the new visa policy.

The PSW visa will be abolished from April 6, making it more difficult for international students to find a job in the United Kingdom after graduation.

Under the new visa policy, foreign students will be able to acquire a Technical Work Visa to stay in the country if their profession and salary meet required standards. The MOE reminded Chinese students studying in the United Kingdom to make timely arrangements for their work after graduation.

The British government will raise the standards for the English proficiency of foreign students going to the country for undergraduate or higher studies. Students who have trouble communicating in English may be denied entry into the United Kingdom.

Furthermore, the country will also significantly increase the sum of property proof to ensure that foreign students can complete their studies in the country without working. Therefore, aspirants for higher studies in the United Kingdom should know well the minimum standards of living in different British cities, and prove that they have the financial support to pay for their study programs and living expenses without working.

The British government will also intensify regulations on the learning time and working hours of foreign students. The MOE reminded Chinese students studying in the country to make appropriate arrangements for their study programs and part-time jobs in order to avoid the risk of being sent back home halfway.

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