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Chinese satellite to create 150,000 jobs for Nigerians

By Yin Miao (People's Daily)

16:26, March 21, 2012

Edited and Translated by People's Daily Online

On March 19, the in-orbit delivery ceremony of Nigerian communications satellite 1R, or NigComSat 1R, was held in the satellite ground station nearby Abuja, Nigeria.

This is the first communications satellite owned by Nigeria

The NigComSat 1R was an alternative satellite rebuilt by China for Nigeria, said Yin Liming, president of the China Great Wall Industry Corporation in his speech. With 28 transponders and seven antennas, Ku Kashi beam was added to the satellite in addition to the band C, L, Ku and Ka, which can provide commercial communications services for the continents of Asia and Africa at the same time, enjoying bright commercial operation prospects.

China fulfilled its commitment with practical actions

The NigComSat 1R was sent into space by the Long March III B rocket on Dec 20, 2011. The satellite has orbited in space for more than three months. The in-orbit test phase has been completed. Its condition is stable, according to the engineering and technical manager of the Nigerian Communications Satellite Limited.

A peddler selling telephone cards on the street of Abuja said that Nigeria’s satellite was launched by China. Since Nigeria has its own satellite, it no longer needs to pay big bucks to rent satellites of other countries, which can reduce the communications costs to some extent and common people will benefit from that. He said “The Nigerians like China because China not only has high technology, but also produce all kinds of affordable but exquisite goods. China has really helped Africa a lot”.

Follow-up cooperation projects promoted stably

The operation of NigComSat 1R will improve Nigeria’s national infrastructures and meet Nigeria’s demands in communications, broadcasting, broadband multimedia, navigation services, real-time audio and video security surveillance and distance education, according to the marketing manager of the Nigerian Communications Limited.

It is reported that the Nigerian communication satellite will provide Nigerians with more than 150,000 communications-related employment opportunities. It is estimated that the efficient two-way satellite will save over 95 million U.S. dollars for Nigerian broadband users every year, and save more than 660 million U.S. dollars of telephone relay and data exchange business fees for African users.


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daniel - usa at 2012-03-23209.204.98.*
so far, i am going to thank the chineese for the 150,000 jobs. but at what expense to the economy and well being of the nigerians. the europe developed their selves, russia veteran space agents, usa also, really didn"t think britain is interested. china just started. nigeria was richer than china a few years ago. let me says this, nigerians are very intelligent people, i have been in the same study room with the cross section of the world, and i became an aerospace engineer. i can tell you this also, most of the nigerians i know living in the usa are not dumb either. name a few, in mediucal field, construction field, computer and science all included. with all these said, why can"t nigeria be indegenous? don"t you think if we were, more than a bizilion jobs will be swayed open?does all these obstacles spell inept national leadership?

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