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China promises policies to lure overseas talents


08:34, March 15, 2012

BEIJING, March 14 (Xinhua) -- China has vowed to improve its permanent residence policy and bolster favorable treatment for high-calibre overseas talents this year in a bid to attract such labor and boost the country's development.

Yin Weimin, minister of human resources and social security, made the remarks Wednesday at a conference on attracting overseas talents.

"This year, China will expend more effort on solving issues concerning the visas and residency of high-level overseas talents... and creating favorable policies for them in social insurance, taxation, medical services, their children's education and academic funding, and other areas," said Yin.

According to the minister, the country will give special focus to attracting overseas Chinese talents to return for their career development.

In August last year, the central government set a goal of attracting at least 500,000 overseas Chinese scholars from 2011 to 2015 to assist in the country's development.

Statistics show that, from 1978, when China introduced its reform and opening up policy, to the end of 2011, the number of Chinese studying abroad was more than 2 million, and that only 818,400 of them returned.


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elee at 2012-03-15183.39.48.*
Of course, it is a very rare breed to be able to lure or attract characters similar to those "willing and capable" returned rocket technicians, engineers, scientists and researchers who built and developed China"s rocket and defence industries during China’s dire straits days. Points to ponder for Chinese recruiters are to scout for foreign / overseas Chinese talents ought to include merits such as Chinese loyalty and pride with a desire to make China into a much better China, intrinsically. Then, China should make it a point to happily ignore those many local Chinese who are yearning to immigrate to overseas nations; particularly those in Chinese universities where rumours have had it that many of them with PhDs (* falsified and/or bought from "diplomas millers" *) are longing to immigrate as their backdoor exit strategies. CPC has to keep an ear and eye pair opened ajar to monitor such undesirous attitudes because behaviours of lecturers (* esp. non-engineering ones *) tend to influence younger generations of Chinese; hence not all with PhDs will do China good and well.
helen at 2012-03-15203.82.87.*
With the job market and employment situation in foreign lands facing very bleak days, China can take in more and more "foreign talents" to expedite its developments in fields that China is still catching up. And there are many overseas Chinese "experts and researchers" who can be lured back to serve the Motherland. On the other hand, many Chinese students privately sponsored and studying overseas would prefer to remain in foreign lands until unemployment, racial discrimination and opportunities hit them. Now is the opportune time to search and recruit "foreign talents" when their futures are threatened by adverse economic conditions in their own countries for many years to come....

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