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Chinese envoy says China, Arab countries share consensus on solving Syrian crisis


09:06, March 14, 2012

China's Assistant Foreign Minister Zhang Ming (1st R) meets with Arab League (AL) chief Nabil al-Arabi (2nd L) in Cairo, capital of Egypt, March 13, 2012. Visiting Assistant Foreign Minister Zhang Ming who is also a special envoy of the Chinese government, held talks here on Tuesday with AL chief Nabil al-Arabi on Syrian and other regional issues. (Xinhua/Li Muzi)

CAIRO, March 13 (Xinhua) -- Special envoy of the Chinese government Zhang Ming said here on Tuesday China and Arab countries share wide consensus on the political settlement of the Syrian crisis.

After wrapping up his visit to Saudi Arabia and Egypt, Zhang told reporters in the Egyptian capital of Cairo that relevant parties understood and appreciated the Chinese stance regarding the political solution to the Syrian crisis and were willing to keep close contacts with China on the Syrian crisis, other regional and international issues.

"China is willing to work together with Arab countries for an early, fair and realistic solution that can be accepted by all parties regarding the Syria crisis," said Zhang, also Chinese assistant foreign minister.

Zhang met with Arab League chief Nabil al-Arabi and Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohammed Amr on Tuesday, focusing on the Syrian situation. Prior to his visit to Egypt, Zhang had held talks with Gulf Cooperation Council Secretary General Abdullatif al-Zayani and Prince Abdul-Aziz, Saudi Arabia's deputy foreign minister.

"China urges the relevant parties in Syria to immediately and unconditionally to stop all violent actions, particularly those targeting innocent civilians," he said. "The current violence in Syria could not continue any more."

If the violence continues, the humanitarian situation will not be improved and political dialogue could not be launched, he said.

China's Vice Foreign Minister Zhai Jun as well as Special Envoy Li Huaxin visited Syria respectively recently. "The most important information they delivered to the Syrian government was to stop the violence," he said. "All violence targeting innocent civilians should be stopped, irrespective of the source."

China believes Syria's future and destiny, including the destiny of their leaders, should be decided by the Syrian people rather than foreign elements, he said. "This is a basic principle in international relations."

China holds a positive and open attitude to any solution that serves the long-term and fundamental interests of Syrian people, and is acceptable to all relevant parties and helpful to the stability and peace in Syria and the whole Middle East, he said.

China holds a clear stance on Syrian crisis and will never attempt to shelter anyone, any side or any administration, he said, adding China has firmly adhered to the view that a country's destiny should be decided by its people.

Zhang said China is concerned with the humanitarian situation in some areas of Syria. China has announced it will provide emergency humanitarian aid worth two million U.S. dollars to Syria.

It is urgent to carry out effective humanitarian aid efforts, Zhang said. The UN should play a major role in this respect, he added. But he said the humanitarian problem should not be politicized.

The UN Security Council should adopt appropriate action and send a united message, Zhang said. To really alleviate the situation and properly and peacefully solve the Syrian crisis, the resolution of the Security Council should be balanced, reflect the opinions of all sides and be accepted generally.

Zhang said the members of the Security Council shoulder the important mission of maintaining peace and stability. The members should coordinate with each other patiently and adequately on an equal basis.

China has been playing an active and constructive role within the Security Council in order to find a feasible and widely accepted solution to the Syrian crisis, he said.


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