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Will the NPC ride to the UK's rescue?

By Mark Hughes (China Daily)

08:23, March 13, 2012

All economists' eyes and many of those with a mortgage, a pension, savings, stocks and even a job are on Greece, wondering whether it will default on its sovereign debt.

But what has this got to do with China and the ongoing National People's Congress?

Well, if Greece does default, and in my view the chances are very high, it would leave it being run by a European Commission placeman and former Goldman Sachs banker (with all the baggage that entails), who was forced on the Greeks after their democratically elected prime minister was thrown out under European Union pressure.

It will put further pressure on the euro, which is in a long-term downward trend against the dollar. It will also put more pressure on Spain, Portugal, Italy and Ireland's economies. This could lead to the failure of the euro. That in turn would shake all of the world's economies. Europe would start importing far less, putting Chinese companies out of business and thereby increasing unemployment here.

Whatever emerges in this long drawn out saga will have a profound effect on world financial markets.

Already, Premier Wen Jiabao noted in his central government report to the National People's Congress that the expected growth rate for China is now 7.5 percent. Earlier this year the prediction was for 8 percent. Chinese markets have taken a tumble on news from Europe.

We live in a world of dark economic uncertainties.

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