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Chinese airlines oppose EU carbon tax


13:48, March 10, 2012

BEIJING -- A lawmaker said Saturday that China's civil aviation enterprises sternly oppose the European Union's inclusion of China's aviation industry into its carbon emission trading scheme, which is not in line with international regulations.

The EU's unilateral move to tax airlines for their carbon emissions runs against the principles of fairness maintained by international civil aviation organizations, said Ren Jidong, deputy general manager of China Southern Airlines Co Ltd.

Ren, a deputy to the National People's Congress, the country's top legislature, said the EU's decision could cost China's aviation enterprises billions of yuan.

Meanwhile, the EU's decision has triggered widespread opposition from many governments. A total of 29 countries signed a joint declaration in Moscow on February 22 to oppose the carbon tax plan.

Under the tax scheme, it is estimated that around 4,000 airlines will pay the European Union for pollution permits.

Despite the EU's move, Ren said cooperation between his company and other European aviation enterprises will not be affected.

He said many aviation companies are actively negotiating with the European Union over the issue.

"There might be a turning point, and the possibility that the EU might give up its decision can not be ruled out," Ren said.


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Lao Tze at 2012-03-11123.117.128.*
Chinese Airlines are right - flying is essential in daily life - in business, in daily upkeep, in fast transport of people, of goods. It is an essential. And essentials should not be taxed unnecessarily, and thereby rising costs.
wang wei at 2012-03-11123.117.143.*
Common sense is required, otherwise it is a waste of time and effort to comment.
Wang Wei at 2012-03-10123.117.140.*
yes, a sad story,- present EU Politicians seem to bother about nothing else but Taxes,- how to invent new Taxes, how to increase present Taxes. Not a thought about the happiness,standard of living, the welfare of their own people, their progress, about improving their relationship, their peace with other countries.

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