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China, Sweden to boost cooperation in energy technology


13:42, March 07, 2012

STOCKHOLM, March 6 (Xinhua) -- The Nordic New Energy Partners Economic Association (NNEP) was established here on Tuesday, a new platform aimed at accelerating China-Sweden cooperation on energy technologies.

More than 400 Swedish companies have joined NNEP, including local energy giants Vattenfall and Goteborg Energy, according to officials.

At the founding ceremony, NNEP Vice President Patrik Nilsson said that the capacity of technological research, development and innovation of Swedish corporations is of world-class, but they are facing difficulties in development like limited market and resources inside the country.

Sweden has strong complementarity with China, as the hi-tech industry is one of the development priorities of the Chinese government under its 12th Five-Year Plan, said Li Guangjun, an official at the Commerce Office of the Embassy of China in Sweden.

A lot of Chinese corporations are eager to introduce world-leading technologies while they are looking for investment objectives abroad, said Li, who also attended the ceremony.

Through the new platform, there will be more Chinese companies seeking to cooperate with Nordic corporations, Li added.

So far, NNEP has signed agreements of strategic cooperation with some Chinese companies, Xia Yu, NNEP's vice president and representative of Greater China Region, told Xinhua.

The association, considering opening an office in Beijing, also plans to start several pilot programs in energy saving and emission reduction in the upcoming two years, Xia said.


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