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China: Dialogue best for Syrian crisis

By Wang Chenyan (China Daily)

08:46, March 05, 2012

A man sits next to the bodies of three Free Syrian Army fighters, allegedly killed by the Syrian Army, during their funeral in Idlib, north Syria, on Saturday. China called for an immediate, full and unconditional cease-fire by "the Syrian government and all parties concerned". (

China ready to build corridor for delivery of humanitarian aid

BEIJING - China said on Sunday that "human rights" shouldn't be used as an excuse to interfere in Syria's internal affairs, as it appealed in a written statement for an end to violence and for negotiations between all relevant parties.

"China is following closely developments in the situation in Syria (and it) firmly maintains that the current crisis should be resolved through political dialogue in a peaceful and appropriate manner, and has made unremitting efforts to this end," an unidentified senior Foreign Ministry official said in a written statement posted on the ministry's website.

Characterizing the situation in Syria as "deeply worrying", the official called for an immediate, full and unconditional cease-fire by "the Syrian government and all parties concerned" but rejected any outside intervention.

"China is a responsible country and a friend of the Arab people, including the Syrian people. China adheres to the purposes and principles of the UN Charter and the basic norms governing international relations," the official added.

With UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urging the Syrian government to allow immediate access by humanitarian workers, the six-point statement makes it clear that Beijing supports UN leadership of humanitarian relief efforts.

"China supports the UN's leading role in coordinating humanitarian relief efforts. China maintains that under the precondition of respecting Syria's sovereignty, the UN or an impartial body acceptable to all parties, should make an objective and comprehensive assessment of the humanitarian situation in Syria and ensure the delivery and distribution of humanitarian aid.

"China is ready to provide humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people," the statement said as it laid out China's stance on building a humanitarian corridor, while rejecting any intervention on the pretext of "human rights".

The six-point proposal reiterated that Beijing does not approve of armed interference to replace the Syrian regime and "believes that the use or threat of sanctions does not help to resolve the issue".

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