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China hopes ROK to stay calm on DPRK nationals' illegal border crossing


08:15, February 29, 2012

BEIJING, Feb. 28 (Xinhua) -- China on Tuesday expressed the hope that the Republic of Korea (ROK) will handle, in a calm manner, illegal border crossing to China by nationals from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK).

"According to our information, those who have illegally entered China from the DPRK have been repatriated several times, some have been returned dozen of times," Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei told a regular press briefing.

"They entered China illegally for economic reasons. There lacks enough grounds to define them as refugees," Hong said in response to a question regarding ROK media's allegation that the DPRK border-crossers might suffer from abuses if there were repatriated.

Hong reiterated that the dignity of China's law should be respected and safeguarded, adding that criminal offences including illegal entry and exit and organizing of stowaway are not allowed in any country.

Media in the ROK are politicalizing and emotionalizing the issue, the spokesman said.

Reports said ROK President Lee Myung-bak had criticized China's treatment of the DPRK nationals and that the ROK was considering bringing the issue before the Human Rights Council.

"China will continue to properly settle relevant issues based on domestic law, international law and the humanitarian spirit," Hong said.

Calling China and the ROK important cooperation partners in many fields, Hong said there were lots of challenges and problems that needed both countries to jointly address under the current situation.

He urged the ROK to stay calm on the matter and solve differences with China through effective communication and cooperation, to safeguard the overall situation of China-ROK relations.


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