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China backs all efforts to solve Syrian crisis peacefully, appropriately: spokesman


08:34, February 28, 2012

BEIJING, Feb. 27 (Xinhua) -- China supports all efforts that help to solve the Syrian crisis in a peaceful and appropriate way, a foreign affairs spokesman said Monday.

"China always appeals to the Syrian government and all the other parties concerned to stop all violence immediately and start a political process without preconditions to resolve the Syrian crisis," Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said during a daily news briefing.

Hong said China holds that the international community should fully respect Syria's independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity as well as the Syrians' own choice.

"We support the Arabian nations' appeals to stop the violence immediately, avoid military interference from outside, properly protect civilians in Syria and provide humanitarian aid," said the spokesman, expressing hope that the Syrian crisis could be addressed through political dialogue within the framework of the League of Arab States.

Hong said China hopes the referendum on a new draft constitution will help advance the reform and start the political dialogue in Syria. Syrians went to the polls on Sunday for a referendum on a new draft constitution, as Damascus struggles under mounting international pressure to carry out reforms and end the turmoil.

"We hope that all the parties concerned in Syria will make due efforts to ease the tensions at an early date," said the spokesman.

As a friend of Syria and other Arabian nations, China has long supported Arabians' cause of justice, Hong said, adding that China endorses all efforts that are conducive to a peaceful and appropriate solution to the Syrian crisis and peace and stability in the Middle East.

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