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Nepal, China agree to work together for forest conservation


10:24, February 26, 2012

KATHMANDU, Feb. 25 (Xinhua) -- Nepal and China have agreed to strengthen and enhance the coordination in the fields of forest conservation and management.

A joint meeting between the two neighbors was held in Kathmandu from Feb. 22 for the first time after a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Forestry and Biodiversity conservation was signed on June 3, 2010 in Beijing.

With a view to further deepen the cooperation between the two countries, the meeting has agreed to hold biennial ministerial meeting alternatively in both countries.

The meeting discussed over the various agenda including the strengthening of the MOU and enhancing the cooperation and coordination in the fields of forests conservation and management, law enforcement along trans-border areas, and to share knowledge, experiences and practices.

Furthermore, China has also expressed its commitment to playing the role of an observer in the South Asian Wildlife Enforcement Network (SAWEN) -- a mechanism of all eight South Asian countries formed to tackle wildlife poaching and trade across the region.

China agreed to share the best Chinese experience on tiger conservation at bilateral and regional levels, a press release issued by the Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation on Saturday said.

The SAWEN was formally announced at an intergovernmental meeting organized by the Bhutan government in January 2011.

Discussion was also held on 13 different proposals for future cooperation in the areas of biodiversity conservation, regional cooperation in wildlife conservation and poverty reduction through forest development.

Also, both countries have committed to implementing the obligations of the international agreements and conventions including the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.

The press release also said that both countries decided to further strengthen the cooperation in the fields of biodiversity conservation, forests management and protection of wildlife, by sharing information, organizing visits and transferring technologies.

Discussions were held on green economy corridor, green infrastructure and institutional strengthening, knowledge and technology transfer, urban forestry and non- timber forest product, biodiversity education center, national and regional cooperation, illegal wildlife trade, among others.

The meeting was organized by Nepal's Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation on Feb. 22-25. Chinese Minister of State Forestry Administration Jia Zhibang, along with a six-member delegation, is taking part in the meeting.


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