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China calls for peaceful solution to Syria issue

(China Daily)

14:34, February 25, 2012

China's Middle East envoy says veto of UN resolution was misunderstood

London - China supports all efforts that are conducive to peacefully resolving the Syrian issue, China's Middle East envoy said on Friday.

"China will continue to keep in touch with all concerned parties in the United Nations, keep in touch with the Arab League and keep in touch with the Syrian government and all of its political parties," Wu Sike, who finished his visit to the Middle East on Thursday, told China Daily.

Beijing opposes any armed intervention in Syria and will work hard to promote peace in the region, Wu said.

Wu's words came as the Friends of Syria conference was held on Friday in Tunisia.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said on Thursday that China will not attend the conference as further study of the aim, effect and mechanism of the conference is needed.

China and Russia have faced a barrage of criticism for vetoing a UN Security Council resolution condemning the crackdown on protests in Syria.

"China's stance wasn't understood by some countries," the special envoy noted, adding that China would not protect the regime of President Bashar al-Assad and that its priority was to prevent further violence.

Wu said the Arab people's will for reform should be respected, and China opposes any foreign intervention.

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Canada at 2012-02-2670.36.49.*
The U.S. is intent on controlling the world and any country, organization or person that stands in their way of total control is viciously attacked. The hysterical war of words based on omission or falsification of facts and events is intended to force countries to cede sovereignty to a puppet regime controlled by the Americans. Hell hath no fury like an imperialist scorned. It's necessary to develop a thick skin, and not be influenced by the negative press, or China & Russia would be complicit in imperialist crimes. Constant negative press is the Western way of destabilizing countries they don't control. If it works, it's cheaper than war.Any moderate Sunni opposition groups, or genuine left wing revolutionaries in Syria are badly mistaken if they think any kind of socialist, secular, or democratic society will result from regime change imposed by the Syrian National Council. Eventually the ruling governing party will impose Shariah law based on the 18th century teachings of al-Wahhab, the same ideology underpinning Al Qaeda, the Taliban, the Muslim Brotherhood, other extremist Muslim organizations. Qatar is the financing arm of al-Wahhab groups, they sent weapons and troops to Libya, and already are, or plan to, supply troops in Syria. The U.S. and Libyan National Transitional Council [NTC] promised freedom & democracy in Libya. The day the NTC announced victory in Libya, they imposed Shariah law, legalized polygamy, with each man entitled to 4 wives. Libya rebel fighters were influenced by al-Wahhab teachings. It seems clear the U.S. has made an agreement with Qatar the same thing will happen in Syria.As happened in Libya, there will be a bloodbath in Syria if an inclusive political settlement is not reached. Minority groups and those opposing an extremist version of Shariah law will be targeted.

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